Birrificio Sorrento


Syrentum Minerva Parthenope

The most important characteristic of our beer is the strong link to the beautiful land that we are lucky enough to live in. The is apparent in that the Birrificio is well known in the area not just for the excellent beer that it produces but also for the way local ingredients and recipes are used so authentically.
Gift Box
gift box

A gift box from the Birrificio Sorrento is the ideal present for someone who loves to eat and drink well!
A delicious range of treats to enjoy either by yourself or in company. Our beers are paired with artisanal chocolate from the Sorrento ...

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Birrificio Sorrento
Headquarters: Via Casarlano 11, 80067, Sorrento, Italia
P.IVA 08528751210
Phone: 081 8773708
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