Birrificio Sorrento

Campi di Birra 2017

From the 28 To the 30 April we will be at the Campi di Birra festival - a festival entirely dedicated to the Italian Artisan Beer IGA scene.

Since 2015 Italian Grape Ale (IGA) has been officially recognized - appearing in the pages of Style Guidelines! This is the "bible" of beer with annual updates from the American BJCP. An up and coming style which works in perfect harmony with our young Italian brewing scene - including loads of freedom to express our passion.

For example you can use grapes (under the category of fruit/must). The aromatic characteristics of the grape means that although you can pick out the flavour - it cannot be allowed to overpower the other aromas. Same for the colour of the beer & the alcohol content can range massively.
This is a new exciting phase in the world of beer - with experimental work yielding great rewards - especially in the Italian market.

There are Beers using the grape musts of Vermentino, Freisa, Timorasso, Croatina, Cortese di Gavi, Fortana, Barbera, Aleatico, Verdicchio, Sangiovese, Aglianico, Moscato grapes. Beers that you already recognise (Cannonau, Nasco, Malvasia di Bosa, Vermentino di Cagliari) they have an unmistakeable flavour. Beers that are richer due to their undertones of moscato & barbera. This and more is highlighted at the festival.

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