Birrificio Sorrento

Birrificio Sorrento

Our business was born in 2009 as a collaboration of passion between Giuseppe Schisano & Francesco Galano, in the Sorrentine Peninsula. Which is where, in the early 80's the first Italian micro brewery started.

The two started out as "home brewers" just as a hobby - but this was a valuable experience as it allowed them to really study their product.

Giuseppe really experimented and studied all about the ingredients, from the best kind of water to the different aromas - all geared towards producing the perfect beer. Two things became clear straight away. He wanted to unite the brewing process with the tastes and aromas that symbolized his home town.

Experimenting and constantly improving - Giuseppe & Francesco created their first two labels, the "Syrentum", a light beer flavored with the rind of Sorrento's famous and delicious lemons. And the "Minerva" flavored with the areas sweet oranges. This started their journey - finding out all that they could about brewing and its culture. They started pairing their beers with typical local produce, and the bar quickly became popular for the local people.
Since then there clientele has steadily gained - and this is just the beginning of their journey with many more horizons to explore.
Gift Box
gift box

Our Beer Boxes are an original gift idea for any occasion. Each box is completely customizable by inserting the chosen beers and, if desired, the coupon for the guided tour of our plants with tasting.

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Birrificio Sorrento
Headquarters: Via Casarlano 11, 80067, Sorrento, Italia
P.IVA 08528751210
Phone: 081 8773708
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