Birrificio Sorrento

Birrificio Sorrento & Friends

Birrificio & Friends - this was born from the desire to come together with people that have the same passion for Artisan Beer as we do!! Even if in every day life they have nothing to do with the industry.
This passion is made up of people who love this area of the world, who enjoy life, who are professional in whatever their chosen field may be. Who is truly interested in what we are trying to achieve and the roots of our business.
Our philosophy is that together we can promote both this area & our product through networking.

The idea? For a full week restaurants, pubs, bars & bakeries will offer specific dishes & specialities ... All with beer at the core of the recipe!
How can i get involved? The list of participating locations and their ideas area available on our website;
Looking for a good meal out? Why not look at our list and try for yourself the amazing dishes on offer - from the aperitif to the dessert - all using BEER
Want to participate? If you have a venue and you want to get involved call us on
338 2584990 or 349 3129034 or send us a message on

Download the BSF2018 press release


Alcuni appuntamenti

Martedì 21 ore 20.30
SERATA O' per o muss e GOSE e' pazz'
al CRAFT 27 - Torre Annunziata
Via M. Caravelli 18

Mercoledì 22 ore 20.30
SERATA Cozze e Gose dei Paesi tuoi!
al MOSTO Birre & Distillati - Napoli
Vico II Alabardieri 28 - ☎ 081 0584703

Giovedì 23 ore 20.30
Il Provolone del Monaco sposa la Birra Artigianale della Penisola Sorrentina
4 Piatti e 4 Birre
al Murphy's Law Vico Equense
Corso Caulino 77 ☎ 081 8028590

Venerdì 24 ore 20.30
CENA DEGUSTAZIONE con il massimo esperto di Birra Artigianale Lorenzo Dabove in arte Kuaska
La Birra Artigianale e la Cucina tradizionale Napoletana
4 Piatti e 4 Birre
al Murphy's Law - Napoli
Via Merliani 158 ☎ 081 1957 5267

Sabato 25 9.00 / 19.00
Tappa del Campionato Nazionale
Giornata aperta a tutti con laboratori, workshop, tanto food e Birra Artigianale.
Via Casarlano 11 ☎ 349 3129034
Birrificio Sorrento
Headquarters: Via Casarlano 11, 80067, Sorrento, Italia
P.IVA 08528751210
Phone: 081 8773708
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